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Courses for AMC 8 & MATHCOUNTS

Course description

We offer a 60-hour course for the preparation of AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS. Please refer to the syllabus to learn more about this course.

Self-assessment test before registering the course


To help you to assess whether you are prepared to take this course, we have prepared a self-assessment test for you. Please try your best to solve as many problems as you can. Some problems are very challenging. Therefore, please do not be frustrated if you cannot solve all problems.


Please contact us to get the answer keys to all questions in this test. We will also provide you complimentary feedback on your performance.

Course language

Both difficulty level courses are taught in English.


Class sizes


We offer private (1 student) courses, semi-private (2-5 students) courses and group (6 students or more) courses.

Schedules of semi-private and group courses

March 2021 - June 2021

Schedules of private (1 student) courses

We offer private courses. To meet each individual student's special need, our private courses are highly customized, such as course contents and class times. We design every private course together with our clients. If you are interested in our private courses, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to work together with you to design a perfect course for you.

Online classes

Due to COVID-19, to ensure everyone's health and safety, we currently only offer online classes.

Course registration

If you consider to register for our courses, please contact us.

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