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Organizer: Mathematical Association of America (MMA).

Covered materials: Same as AMC 12.

Eligibility to take AIME: Either one of the following two conditions is satisfied:

  1. At least the top 2.5% of the AMC 10 scorers.

  2. At least the top 5% of the AMC 12 scorers.


Format: 3 hours, 15 questions. The answer to each question is an integer between 0 and 999.


Score: 1 point for each correct answer. 0 point for each incorrect answer or each unanswered question. The full score is 15 points.


Frequency: Twice per year (Versions I and II).


Eligibility to advance to USAMO/USAJMO: The USAMO committee and MAA AMC program determine USAMO and USAJMO cutoff indexes. A student whose USAMO (resp. USAJMO) index reaches the USAMO (resp. USAJMO) cutoff index is qualified for USAMO (resp. USAJMO). The formulae of USAMO and USAJMO indexes are as follows:

  • USAMO index = AMC 12 score + 10 * AIME score

  • USAJMO index = AMC 10 score + 10 * AIME score



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