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AMC 12

Organizer: Mathematical Association of America (MMA).

Covered materials: Topics covered in AMC 10 (Grades 9 and 10 mathematics curriculum), plus the following topics.

  • Algebra: Logarithms, complex numbers, trigonometric functions.

  • Geometry: Law of sines, law of cosines, cyclic quadrilaterals.


Eligibility to take AMC 12: Both of the following two conditions need to be satisfied:

  1. In Grade 12 or below.

  2. Under 19.5 years of age on the day of the contest.


Format: 75 minutes, 25 multiple choice questions. Each question has 5 choices. Only 1 choice is correct.


Score: 6 points for each correct answer. 0 point for each incorrect answer. 1.5 points for each unanswered question. The full score is 150 points.


Frequency: Twice per year (Versions A and B).



  1. Achievement roll: Recognizes students in 10th grade or below who score 90 or above.

  2. Honor roll: Recognizes students who score in (approximate) the top 5%.

  3. Distinguished honor roll: Recognizes students who score in (approximate) the top 1%.


Eligibility to advance to AIME: At least top 5% of AMC 12 scorers.


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