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Organizer: MATHCOUNTS Foundation.

Covered materials: Topics from a typical middle school mathematics curriculum.

  • Algebra: Four basic arithmetic operations, expressions, equations and functions (example: linear), sequences (example: arithmetic).

  • Geometry: Elementary Euclidean geometry (example: Pythagorean Theorem, congruent triangles, similar triangles), solid geometry (example: volumes, surface areas), coordinate geometry (example: equations of lines).

  • Counting and probability: Rule of sum, rule of product, permutation, combination, classical probability, basic statistics (example: mean, median, mode).

  • Number theory: Primes and composites, factorization, number bases, divisibility, modular arithmetic.

  • Everyday applications: Proportional reasoning, conversion of units, fraction and percentage, reading and interpreting graphs and tables.


Eligibility to take MAHTCOUNTS competition series: Full-time students enrolled in Grades 6-8 in U.S. schools.

Levels of competition:

  1. School level

  2. Chapter level

  3. State level

  4. National level


Rounds: Each level of competition has four rounds: Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown rounds.

  1. Sprint round: 40 minutes, 30 questions. Calculator is not allowed.

  2. Target round: 4 pairs of questions, 6 minutes to complete each pair. Calculator is allowed.

  3. Team round: 20 minutes, 10 questions. Calculator is allowed.

  4. Countdown round: A maximum of 45 seconds for each question. Calculator is not allowed. This round is optional at the school, chapter and state levels.

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