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Teaching Opportunities

We welcome those who have experiences of either taking STEM Olympiads or teaching related courses to teach with us.


Frequently asked questions

Q: If I want to develop/bring/teach a course that is currently not available on your course list, do I have this opportunity to create a new course?

A: Absolutely yes. You have options of either teaching any of our listed courses, or even developing a new course.

Q: Am I paid or not?

A: We give you the choice of whether taking a paid job or an unpaid volunteer job.

If you take the paid job, we will give you a competitive salary. You salary is based on your experience of the subject that you plan to teach.

If you plan to do an unpaid volunteer job, we will help you record you volunteer hours and apply for volunteer-related awards. We are a certifying organization for President's Volunteer Service Award.

Q: I am a college student, or even just a high school student. Do I qualify to teach?

A: It depends on your past achievement in STEM Olympiads and your past experience of coaching students. If you are not sure about whether you qualify, please simply tell us your background in STEM Olympiads. We will then determine whether we believe you are a good fit.

Application for Teaching STEM Olympiads

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