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Service Contents

Our college counseling services include (but not limited to, and also highly customized) the following ones:

  1. We advise students to broaden their horizons to gain better and deeper understandings of the cutting-edge social issues, technological advancements, business opportunities, and the emergence and evolution of the interplay of different academic disciplines.

  2. We help students discover their academic and non-academic interests and strengths, including their preferred academic subjects and extracurricular activities.

  3. We guide students to learn colleges from their internal perspectives, such as the college admissions processes, how different colleges adopt different admissions models, and what academic extracurricular resources are offered by each college.

  4. We advise students on course selection and registration in their home schools.

  5. We advise students on finding and taking courses that are out of their home schools, such as courses offered by some dual enrollment programs and courses that allow students to earn certificates.

  6. We advise students on planning and preparing for the standardized tests, such as SAT, ACT.

  7. We advise students on planning and preparing for the English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL, if they are required to take them.

  8. We plan and guide students to do various academic extracurricular activities to strengthen their academic backgrounds, such as taking STEM Olympiad competitions, doing cutting-edge research, and developing novel engineering products.

  9. We advise students on planning and doing various non-academic extracurricular activities to establish their social impact and develop their leadership skills, such as founding companies and non-profit organizations, creating and running student clubs, doing arts and sports activities, organizing events, running political campaigns.

  10. We advise students on planning their summer times, such as applying to some selective summer programs, taking college-level courses, doing research, and taking field trips.

  11. We work together with students to finalize a list of colleges to apply to. We provide our opinions for students based on their profiles the reach, match and safety colleges.

  12. We work together with students to determine which colleges to apply in the early (EA, ED, REA) cycle and which colleges to apply in the regular (RD) cycle.

  13. We advise students on selecting school(s) and major(s) in each college that they apply to. We share our insights with students how different schools and majors in the same college may adopt different admissions selection criteria and how the admissions rates differ in these different programs.

  14. We advise students on filling the college application forms. For example, in the activity list, we advise students on how to order multiple activities and how to use succinct but strong words to highlight a student's achievements and impacts in each activity.

  15. We advise students on their Common App main essays. We help students brainstorm essay topics, streamline their thoughts and edit their writings.

  16. We guild students to answer each college-specific prompt, such as why college essays, diversity contribution essays.

  17. We train students for the college admissions interviews.

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