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Research Service

We provide research opportunities for our students.


We have research resources in a wide range of subjects, including STEM, humanities, social sciences, business.


In particular, we have deep insights into cutting-edge research, such as emerging interdisciplinary research areas, novel technologies, new social problems, new business models.

How do I find a good research problem:

If you have a matured idea what you plan to work on, that is fantastic. We will find a mentor to match your interest.

If you are not exactly sure your real research interest or what are the cutting-edge research problems, do not worry. We will help you expand your horizon and guild you to find a project that is the best fit for you.

Research outputs:

Our goal is that every student has a high quality research paper and gets it published in a prestigious venue (journal, conference proceedings).

We also suggest students to request recommendation letters from their research mentors.

In addition, depending on the research type, we will recommend students to attend various competitions.


For example, if a student's research area is STEM, then we will help the student prepare for Science and Engineering Fairs. If a student's project has business values, we will help the student prepare for business competitions, such as Conrad Challenge.

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