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We are an official certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award


We offer a vast number of volunteer opportunities for K-12 students to empower them to develop their skills, impact their communities, and establish their leaderships. Some volunteer opportunities (not exhaustive) are listed below.

  1. Instructors. We offer STEM Olympiad training courses, such as AMC math courses, for our students. There are opportunities for you to teach our students.

  2. Course developers. We are constantly developing new STEM Olympiad training courses. You have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and help us develop new courses. Even for our existing courses, you are welcome to create new teaching materials, exercise problems, and solutions.

  3. Course assistants. You have opportunities to assist our course instructors in developing course materials, writing solutions, and answering student questions. Additionally, we have many handwritten notes, which makes teaching and learning inconvenient. Therefore, we need volunteers to help us typeset these notes into LaTeX.

  4. Web developers. There are opportunities for you to help us improve our website, for example by adding interactive functions.

  5. Event organizers. There are opportunities for you to help us organize various types of events, either online or in-person.

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