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Math Prize for Girls (MPFG)

This contest is held at MIT in fall every year. To qualify to attend this contest, a student needs to be a female, study at a school in the U.S. or Canada or be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, and be among the top 300 female scorers in AMC 10/12.


Solving math problems is not the only activity in this contest. MIT also invites its undergraduate admissions staff to present and meet students and parents.

Given the importance and the high value of this contest, we, PROFESSOR CHEN EDUCATION PALACE (陈教授教育学院), offers a FREE training course for contestants to prepare for this contest.




Class schedule

TBD for 2024.


We will go over past MPFG problems. However, we will definitely not simply copy and paste the solutions posted by MPFG. This is not the purpose of our class.


Instead, for each problem, we focus on how to get a good intuition to approach the problem, how the problem was designed from problem makers' perspective, and how the problem-solving skills used in this problem may be extended to solve a broad class of problems. You will also see that many of our problem-solving skills are different from the MPFG's official solutions and may be more intuitive and simpler.



Teaching platform



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